Melbourne: Patricia Coffee Brewers

p1(This is the second stop of my first day out in Melbourne, after brunch at the Hardware Societe.)

The first food related thing i noticed on my short trip to Melbourne, is that people here take the cafe scene and in particular, coffee, very seriously. This is great news for a coffee addict such as myself, not once was i disappointed by a single cup of bad or burnt coffee as the standard seemed consistently good. Either i was just lucky, or i definitely went to the right places. Straight after breakfast at the Hardware Societe, one of my Melbourne friends took us immediately on a spontaneous trip to his favourite coffee place. He started the day off with a disappointing coffee at a quick franchise fetching us from the airport, so he wanted to make up for it as he prefers his coffee strong with less milk. This is how we ended up at Patricia Coffee Brewers, a standing coffee bar.

Yes you read right, this is a standing coffee bar. There are no seats or tables available in this small elongated rectangular room, but there are large window sills and corners where people gathered to enjoy their coffee. I was really impressed with this because i had never seen anything like it and wasn’t sure what to expect.


Immediately after our coffee orders were taken we were directed to the other side of the counter to collect our water. The sparkling water came from a filtered tap and my friends were all amused by my surprised expression. I was definitely impressed by everything i had seen so far.


The coffee was definitely very strong and less milky, i can immediately see why my friend prefers this place. One of my other Melbourne friends is a latte person and likes hers milky, so she finds it “bitter”. I am a cappuccino person so i like mine with a bit of milk but it was indeed, a very good cup of coffee and is a place i would revisit again.


There are no seats or meals available here however there are pastries and sweets for those who are looking for something to go with their coffees. The whole idea of a coffee standing bar is very creative and great for a quick afternoon coffee fix. This is a hidden gem for coffee lovers and definitely worth a visit for anyone who is going.

This was my stop number two out of seven spots i visited on my first day (admittedly, a bit too much was consumed). The first was the Hardware Societe and  next to follow was lunch at Golden Fields.


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4 thoughts on “Melbourne: Patricia Coffee Brewers

  1. Thanks for the write up…. At first I thought “stand up coffee bar, how silly” however probably a great idea as it would push people to interact and network, maybe also get people in and out so higher turnover in sales. I guess you would definitely get a different clientele.

    • no worries ! it was definitely something i had never seen before but it was interesting ! not a place u can stay at for long but great for a quick bite and coffee

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