For someone who has lived in Sydney all my life, it might seem strange that i’ve never climbed the Harbour Bridge, visited Luna Park or eaten at Tetsuyas. With a busy tight schedule most of the time, and so many exciting new restaurant openings, it’s easy to take things for granted. But once in a while its fun to play tourist and remind myself not to take my city for granted. After all, my first time visit to the restaurant was coincidentally with a Singaporean, who made sure to visit Tetsuya on his priority to eat list in Sydney.

Like most good restaurants, service begins with bread and butter accompanied by a glass to drink and attentive service. The evening starts off well, with attentive, knowledgeable and friendly waitstaff.


If you love your bread and butter, beware. The truffle butter is delicious and highly addictive, once you begin you won’t want to stop. The unmistakable fragrant smell of truffle, the butter is light in texture from the ricotta and flavoured by parmesan. It was definitely hard to resist piling on more and more and saying no to more bread. I had to remind myeslf that there was still a meal to be had.


The first course arrives, as a Savoury Custard with Avruga. The Savoury custard was impossibly smooth and reminds me of Chawanmushi (steamed egg)  with the added strong distinct taste coming from the Avruga (caviar made from herring).


Soon after, we are presented with a Salad of the Sea. The dish was delicately presented with the fresh sashimi cuts wrapped carefully around the rice in the centre, and reminds me of a deconstructed chirashi. The Sashimi is very fresh but the rice seems odd and out of place, perhaps it needed a bit more seasoning.


The Marinated Scampi arrives next with walnut oil and egg, it is beautifully presented and you can never go too wrong with fresh scampi meat. The layer underneath is frozen egg yolk but again very light in taste as the dish relied more on natural flavours rather than seasoning.


The most anticipated and talked about dish is next to arrive, with the Confit of Petuna Trout with apple and unpasterised Ocean Trout Roe.


This was incredible, so amazing it deserves another photo . The trout fillet itself remains unseasoned and is raw in texture but the highlist is definitely the Kombu Crust which was bursting with incredible umami flavour. This would be definitely the best fish dish i’ve had this year and definitely surpassed my expectations.


Seafood courses continue with the flounder, perfectly grilled and topped with edamame, asparagus and tomato. .


We then moved onto more substantial mains such as the  Tea Smoked Quail Breast and Angus Beef. We were warned about the next dish Tea Smoked Quail Breast with Parsnip and Calamari, as the meat itself still has a rather pink flesh. My favourite part of the dish however was the silky calamari which resembled noodles.


A meal is not complete without dessert, and the lychee granita is served as a palate cleanser with strawberries and coconut sorbet. It was deliciously light, refreshing and not too sweet in preparation for a more decadent and rich dessert to come.


Chocolate perfection arrives next with Tetsuya’s Chocolate Cake. There was nothing to fault with the cake starting from presentation (a beautiful dark glossy glaze) to taste. It was rich but not heavy nor sickeningly sweet, it the right size and it was incredibly smooth. This is everything a good chocolate cake should be.


The intense level of focus in the pastry kitchen says it all. Not a single word is spoken in this kitchen working in total silence,  with all eyes and hands focused on creating dessert to impress.


This is one of the best chocolate cakes i’ve had so far and my favourite course after the signature ocean trout. Although it has been criticized time to time for being too predictable, i’d like to believe that practice makes perfect and that’s what i found with my experience here.

E i l e e n.

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  1. iFat (@iFat23) December 21, 2013

    I’ve only managed to visit Luna Park….I’m not a very good Sydney sider.

  2. Libby March 28, 2014

    I’m from Melbourne and I go to Sydney several times a year for weekend funsies but I’ve never been to Tetsuya before. Hopefully this will change when I’m there later this year!

    1. eilxrrr March 31, 2014

      Yes you should book early though!

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