Night Noodle Markets.

Night Noodle Markets

October is a good month for two reasons, we welcome the warming weather and an exciting month of all things food. The warming weather signifies the time to shred the Winter fat suit but also brings us reason to keep eating (the struggle is real). Even if you have no idea what Good Food month is, its hard to avoid hearing about the annual Night Noodle Markets. Surprisingly this is my first time, but i have never been a fan of lines. However, this was on my to do list for years and im glad i did.

Night Noodle Markets

First stop was Wonderbao for their wonderfully delicious Gua Baos (3 for $20). I had this twice on both visits and loved it both times. It comes with two pork and one tofu. The tofu was my favourite, a great option for both meat lovers and Vegetarians alike.

Night Noodle Markets

Creative combinations can either be a hit or a miss and i try my luck with Woofy’s Pad Thai dog ($9). Although it sounded strange, this hit the spot for me with grilled pork sausage, vermicelli, peanuts and fried shallots. The combination was delicious. Ive heard feedback saying that some found theirs a bit lacking in terms of sauce but i didnt have this problem. The only slightly odd part was the vermicelli which i found out of place and not the same noodle you find in Pad Thai but otherwise this was worth the try.

Night Noodle Markets

There has been some recent discussion on Poklol’s name on whether or not it was racist to label their stall that way. But i wasnt going to say no to these delicious Korean tacos. They came in three and we really enjoyed the intense flavours of the tender grilled meats.

Night Noodle Markets

One of my “must trys” from the Night Noodle Markets was Hoy Pinoy. It has undeniably one of the longest lines (probably second to Messina) but it was well worth the wait. If you dont know where it is, spot the line, the smoke or follow the wonderful smell of BBQ.

Night Noodle Markets

I got the Chicken Skewers (2 for $10) and the photo of the glistening meat skewers really speaks for itself. It was very smoked, slightly charred and caramelised beautifully. If only i had more! This is highly recommended for anyone visiting.

Night Noodle Markets

The best thing about food markets is variety and to balance out between all the meat and fried things i go for Izakaya Den’s Oden. I love oden and it was a great way to balance out all the heavy meats, this was a light but warming option perfect for a chilly night.

Night Noodle Markets

Our last savouries came from Khao Pla and this was one of the best stalls we tried. I’ve been meaning to check out the restaurant itself so i was eager to try their signature Pork Ribs and these were finger licking good! It was sweet, tangy, sticky, crunchy and everything you want at once. The tender meat falls off effortlessly off the bone and i could have a bucket of these to myself. This is highly recommended and not a dish you want to be sharing.

Night Noodle Markets

At a night market, you cant go wrong with more skewers so we had more pork skewers from Khao Pla. Tasty and simple, the easiest option to eat.

Night Noodle Markets

We also had a side of greens with a green mango salad. Like what you would expect from a Thai Salad it was tangy and refreshing however after a few mouthfuls it became a bit too much of “fish sauce” overload and that’s all i could taste.

Night Noodle Markets

To end a good night of food, we concluded with something sweet. No matter how intimidating the line might look, we knew we had to get ourselves some Messina. We went for the Bangkok Holla with pandan and coconut sorbet, kaffir lime sponge, pineapple and lemongrass mousse with chilli coconut cookie. This was also well worth the wait and unlike what i expected from Messina, this was actually quite light and refreshing. First you have the delicious creamy sorbet which feels more like a light icecream, then you hit the bottom layer of sour lime sponge which helps to cut through the richness. The chilli coconut cookie did initially seem out of place, but actually it works really well with the rest.


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  1. jugernauts October 25, 2014

    Dropping in tonight. Getting there early so we hope to beat the queues. Great writeup. Hunger inducing!!

    1. eilxrrr October 26, 2014

      Thankyou!!! i hope you enjoyed !

  2. irene October 26, 2014

    Oh man now I regret not trying the pork ribs!

    1. eilxrrr October 31, 2014

      go to the real deal at Khao Pla!

  3. Helen | Grab Your Fork October 26, 2014

    Can’t believe how many stalls there were this year! Definitely a plan to get there early before the crowds descend.

    1. eilxrrr October 31, 2014

      its a good thing that theres more and more stalls though! haha more variety and more food for me to eat! how exciting

  4. milkteaxx October 28, 2014

    the queues are insane but wonderbao and hoy pinoy are well worth it!

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