Night Noodle Market

It’s that time of the year again. With the warming weather, October for some seems to be a good time to start ditching the ice cream and fries to prepare for that summer body. But if you’re anything like me however, its hard for good intentions to prevail when faced with the opportunity to indulge in delicious food. I guess salad plans will have to wait as we make time for the annual Night Noodle Markets. Diet seems to always start tomorrow.



For those who have never been, my general top tips are a) arrive hungry, b) arrive early and c) arrive ready. And by ready i mean researching or pre planning a few stalls you’d like to visit in advance due to limited time and stomach space. With over 30 stalls to choose from, the Noodle Night Markets in Hyde Park serves up a variety of tasty sweet and savoury Asian inspired street food.


For those who have been before, it’s always good to see some new stalls as well as the usual suspects. Drawn by the smell and smoke, I naturally gravitated to one of my usual favourites, Hoy Pinoy, a Filopino style meat and street food stall.



Incase you have trouble finding it, my rule is always to follow the smoke and if you see a long queue, you know you’re at the right place! Who can resist a good meat skewer or two?



Coated in a banana ketchup glaze, we get two skewers for $13. Although the price tag seems a little dear, the heavenly combo of slightly sweet and savoury make it worth every bite.



Black Star Pastry also makes a return this year with a new mango cake ($9.50). Being a dedicated long time fan of their watermelon cake, it was hard to convince myself to order something new. Luckily for me, the mango version does not disappoint. A mixture of mango, blueberries, lavender, coconut and sago sit ontop of a bed gingerbread sponge. The fruity combination was surprisingly light and not overly sweet, it tastes just like summer in the form of cake. No regrets.



You might want to take a seat for the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup ($15) at Taiwan Noodle House because its hot, messy and extremely tasty. It’s not pretty or as instagrammable as some of the other items in the market, but it’s definitely one i’d eat again. It’s a little hard to eat if you want to wander around, but this delicious bowl of noodles was one of the best dishes i had (Thanks @imstillhungry for the suggestion). Served in a 5 spice broth, the noodles were chewy and bouncy whilst the beef was tender and flavoursome. Delicious.



Now onto something cuter, head to Harajuku Gyoza. We ordered a few things from here including the Long fries, Souffle Pancake and Gyoza dumplings.



It would be strange to visit Harajuku Gyoza without trying some of their gyoza dumplings. They come in small bite sized pieces which is easier to eat if you’re wandering around, and despite the small size they’re packed full of flavour. I’m always up for a good dumpling or two.



The insta worthy Souffle Pancakes ($20 for three) are perfect for those who like their pancakes fluffy. Stamped with their cute signature gyoza logo, the sweet clouds of sweet pancakes come served with a bit of chocolate and cream on the side.



Taking a break from the sweet, we also orderered the Long fries ($10) which literally translate to what they are. Although we didnt have high expectations, we were pleasantly surprised. Drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise, the fries were addictive and remained crispy even when they cooled down.



If you’ve attended the markets before, you might recognise Cloud Thief (previously Bao Stop). All good things come in three so we went for the Old School Trifecta ($20) which comes with a trio of braised pork belly, fried chicken and peking duck baos. Baos are another one of my staple market go to’s, after all its hard to resist tender juicy meat wrapped with a soft white bao bun.



Egg waffle or eggettes always have a special place in my heart as a favourite childhood snack. Originating from Hong Kong, it has gained popularity in Sydney in recent times. Most commonly sold as a sweet waffle, Puffle has put their own Korean twist to it by adding in savoury options. You can choose between spicy fried chicken or bulgogi beef and i opted for the latter.



Although i usually eat the sweet version, the savoury version was pretty damn good. The Bulgogi Cheese Puffle ($15) comes with bulgogi beef, melted cheese, mustard, kewpie mayo, fresh shallots on a cheesy waffle. The cheesy waffle was the winning component for me, it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with bits and pieces of melted cheese. Yum, yes please!


This concludes my short post on my Night Noodle market feast. If you’re headed out to the markets dont forget to go early, go hungry and go ready… Happy October Feasting !


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