Cho Cho San.

Cho Cho San

“I dont think i can move right now” i said to one of my friends. The struggle is so real especially when you are dining with people who are just as greedy as you. Food babies or food coma, however you like to call it, are always a good sign that you’ve just sat through a good feast, and those are the exact two words i would use to describe this relatively new interpretation of a Japanese Izakaya restaurant. It was a bit too dark to take photos of the interior but everything from the decor to food centred around what they would call the “Japanese Philosophy of Simplicity”. Everything was in a pale white colour, very clean and minimalistic. The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, appropriate for a quick catch up with some friends.

Cho Cho San

To start we ordered the Silken Tofu in Tomato Dashi (4). The silken tofu was soft and smooth the way it should be, but the highlight was definitely the tomato dashi. Flavours were very clean and concentrated, a strong hit of tomato flavour and there was an added crunch of the tempura on top. Lessons in simplicity.

Cho Cho San

Sashimi is always a crowd pleaser and a must order whenever we eat Japanese cuisine. The first of the raw dishes to arrive was the Hiramasa Kingfish with Daikon and Soy (20). This was everything that you would expect it to be, light and refreshing.

Cho Cho San

Next came theTuna, Avocado and pickled eggplant (22). Tuna and avocado combo is a classic, you definitely cant go wrong with that but the best part was the simple marinade and the toasted sesame seeds on top. The sesame seeds gave a crunchy texture but also an extra hint of aroma.

Cho Cho San

The favourite sashimi dish would have to be the Hokkaido Scallops with Corn and House Cured Katsuobushi (18). It was a perfect mix of sweet and salty, with the sweet scallops sitting on corn puree, matched with the nori and the shaved house cured katshuobushi ontop. Simple and delicious.

Cho Cho San

From raw to cooked, the seafood continues with the Calamari, Lime and Ponzu (16). The Calamari was cooked perfectly,  soft and tender. It was conveniently cut into bite sized pieces and the ponzu dressing provided a citrus tang.

Cho Cho San

There was no hesistation with ordering the King Prawn cooked in Kombu Butter (24). Some of you might of noticed that Kombu butter seems to be a trending thing in restaurants around Sydney but it’s not hard to see why because it really does work with almost anything. Simple food is good food and this was outstanding, starting from the crispy shell to the meat to the creamy innards of the prawn heads.

Cho Cho San

Next was the Miso Cod, celery, ginger (40). Admittedly this version was not the best that i’ve had. The flavour is a bit different to the usual (perhaps the type of miso used or a different seasoning used) but it was not what we expected. Some thought it tasted more like a mix of Hoisin sauce rather than the usual Shiro Miso.

Cho Cho San

The King Crab Omelette with Japanese Curry (28) was my favourite dish of the evening. When i saw this on the menu, i knew it was a must order. It was so tasty that re order another one straight after we finished the first. The omelette is not cooked all the way through but reminded me a little of a runny fried egg. Bits of it were crispy and combined with a runny scramble texture. The omelette was  topped generously with king crab meat topped with an addictive Japanese Curry sauce dressing.

Cho Cho San

I’ve fallen in love and this was definitely one of the best egg dishes i’ve had this year. Honestly, i wouldn’t mind having this for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cho Cho San

We move on from the egg and onto the Japanese Chargrilled Chicken (28). This is a dish which is good for sharing and may require getting your hands dirty. The chicken was grilled perfectly with a charred skin whilst leaving the meat moist on the inside, even the breast meat. The meat was also very well seasoned and actually quite spicy, however we did find some parts to be a bit too salty.

Cho Cho San

To balance things out all the meat we ordered the Enoki Mushrooms, Spring Onion Salad (12). You cant go too wrong with mushrooms and truffle oil which was a nice accompanying side to our main dishes.

Cho Cho San

A good meal can only end with something sweet. So between us we shared the Cho Cho Snow and the Banana Soft Serve. The Cho Cho Snow (10)  is like their own interpretation of the Japanese Kakigori (shaved ice). In their version, the shaved ice sits ontop of  a ginger custard and was lightly drizzled with some caramel on top. This was light, refreshing and not too sweet.

Cho Cho San

I was a bit disappointed that they’ve taken off the Matcha Greentea Soft serve but on a positive note,  i really enjoyed the Banana Soft serve, peanuts and caramel (7). The texture is a bit more icey and lighter than expected but the real highlight was the salted caramel. At first you taste the sweetness of the banana and then the wonderful salted caramel kicks in, the combination of sweet and salty. A great way to end a great meal.

E i l e e n.

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  1. chocolatesuze August 31, 2014

    that king crab omelette sounds amazing!

    1. eilxrrr August 31, 2014

      it IS so awesome. if you like your egg and seafood. you must must must

  2. delectablydegusting August 31, 2014

    I left with food twins too! The food was so good, I’m eager to return soon to try some dishes that I didn’t try last time – prawns, calamari and tuna !!

  3. samanthawxlow August 31, 2014

    Cannot wait to try this place. The king crab omelette has all of my favourite things too!

  4. iFat (@iFat23) September 1, 2014

    Oh snap, we had almost the exact same dishes. Turnitin is going to punish me so bad.

  5. Annie @ The Random Foodie September 4, 2014

    the king crab omelette is one of my faves as well. can see why Cho Cho San has gotten heaps of awards so soon after it opened

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