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Beyond the food – Isaac from Ifat

Beyond the food – Isaac from Ifat


Isaac from Ifat

It’s funny how something as simple like food can bring all kinds of different people together. Food to me is like an universal language that can be understood by people from all cultures and backgrounds. When i think about it, it reminds me of how i met some of the closest people in my life because of our shared love for food. As Julia Child once infamously said, “people who love to eat are always the best people”. Wise words indeed!

I’m sure most of you who follow food blogs will have come across Isaac from Ifat for his endless food puns and food related pick up lines. 

Recently he decided to do a series called Beyond the food where he interviewed other food lovers and other food bloggers including me (click here). So the idea suddenly hit me and i decided to be sneaky, why not interview the interviewer?


Isaac from Ifat


How did you get into food blogging?

I’m going to be honest and say i was a huge fan of a lot of other food bloggers before i started food blogging. I read people like Chocolatesuze, Helen from Grab Your Fork and Raff and many others too, i read everyone basically. However, i’ve also read a lot of bad ones in terms of bad photography etc. and i kept saying bad stuff about them between my group of friends. But then in my mind i realised i couldn’t say that unless i could do better. So then i started to see if i could be better because i always believed that i was a better writer even if i didnt know that much about food.

That’s actually a good way to think and i’m glad you decided to try it! If tomorrow was your last day what would be your ultimate last meal?

OK, i’m going to give you the full course. In terms of entree i’d start with my mothers baked chicken wings, when i was younger i used to sing a Stephen Chow’s chicken wing song while she made them. For mains i’d probably have Raff’s pork belly burger at Chur Burger and sweet potato fries from Brooklyn Social. I’d follow this up with some McNuggets and for dessert i’d probably have Holy Basil’s fried icecream and some Pandan Creme Brulee from Green Peppercorn. After this I’d wash it all down with diet coke.

Diet Coke?

Yes to keep my figure before i die!

What is Ifat’s ideal girl?

When i was younger i actually made a list which originally was on Facebook but since then i’ve deleted it. It was a list of qualities that would make up my ideal girl. In hindsight it was stuff that was contradicting but it had requirements like cook pho, Eurasian, get along with my friends, she wouldnt like drama etc…this was a really long list. However as i’ve gotten older i’ve realised how unattractive i am, i’ve started slowly cutting the list down and now the quality is down to as long as she likes me back its ok!

What are your other hobbies apart from food?

I like writing in general even if i didn’t write about food, i’d write about anything and everything. I did and i still do. I like basketball, playing games, generally reading and writing.

What would you like to see change in the current Sydney food scene?

I feel like every couple of months there’s a bit of a witch hunt like for example, the recent drama on 2 hungry guys thing. When i see drama i just feel disappointed. It’s like needless drama and not a good look! In general we are very supportive people but i’d like to abolish off the drama.

So that concludes my short but very entertaining interview with Ifat who is actually a really easy going friendly guy with a big heart and a big appetite. He seems to love all things burger, ramen, fried chicken or “dude food” as you call it, a real down to earth kind of guy. He’s also the biggest advocate and fan of Chur Burger i know up to date, so if you want to get your foot in the door to the good books, heres the secret!

E i l e e n



  1. Helen | Grab Your Fork November 9, 2014

    Aww thanks for the shout-out Isaac but I’m more intrigued by what’s happening in the background of that photo! lol

    1. iFat (@iFat23) November 9, 2014

      Someone wasn’t happy with the blandness of my writing and decided to spice it up.

      It worked. Heh.

  2. Ramen Raff November 9, 2014

    hahahah awesome interview Eileen. That diet coke part is such an iFat thing to say lol Thanks for the mention Isaac. Wouldn’t it be nice if Chur brought back the original Raff pork belly burger? lol and I agree with the witch hunt/drama bit in the food blogging community.

    1. iFat (@iFat23) November 9, 2014

      Yeah man, the reason I loved the community so much when I first got involved was cause everyone was so welcoming and supportive.

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